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20 Neueste Alben
Rich Rich  -  Ufo361
What The Dead Men Say  -  Trivium
City Burials  -  Katatonia
Verminous  -  The Black Dahlia Murder
Forever Black  -  Cirith Ungol
What Kinda Music  -  Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
Good Souls Better Angels  -  Lucinda Williams
Mother  -  In This Moment
Weapons Of Tomorrow  -  Warbringer
Eigengrab  -  Heimataerde
Bliss, Please  -  Blackmail
For Their Love  -  Other Lives
Omens  -  Elder
Rrraaahhh!  -  Shadow030
Beneath The Remains  -  Sepultura
Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding  -  Udo Lindenberg
Yggdrasil  -  Erdling
Kristallen  -  Nils Landgren
Mainstream  -  Unherz
Punkt.  -  Balbina
1 Speak!!!
2 CiSTm KOnFLiqT...
3 Humanity
4 p.o.p
5 Mix-Ism
6 P-A-R-K
7 4 Plugs
8 Digidogheadlock
9 010
10 OSC-DIS (Oscillator in Distortion)
11 CiSTm K0nFLiqT
Top Songs von "The Mad ..."
1 The Mad Capsule Markets
2 The Mad Capsule Markets
3 The Mad Capsule Markets
4 The Mad Capsule Markets
5 The Mad Capsule Markets
6 The Mad Capsule Markets
7 The Mad Capsule Markets
8 The Mad Capsule Markets
9 The Mad Capsule Markets
10 The Mad Capsule Markets
11 The Mad Capsule Markets
12 The Mad Capsule Markets
13 The Mad Capsule Markets
14 The Mad Capsule Markets
15 The Mad Capsule Markets
16 The Mad Capsule Markets
17 The Mad Capsule Markets
18 The Mad Capsule Markets
19 The Mad Capsule Markets
20 The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets were a Japanese band that formed in 1990 and were active until 2006. The band became known for their experimental style of music, which focused on the fusion of electronic music with punk rock and heavy metal.

n August 1990, the new band released their first single, "Government Wall", a re-recording of the Berrie song. In October, they released their debut album, Humanity, which also featured a number of Berrie songs and retained their punk sound. After the album's release, original guitarist Minoru Kojima left the band, and was replaced by former roadie Ai Ishigaki. The following year, The Mad Capsule Markets signed to major record label Victor Entertainment and recorded their second album, P.O.P. A faster and harder album than their first, it was heavily censored, provoking outrage from the band members.
From 1992 onwards the band began to experiment with their punk sound, introducing various sampling machines and swinging from quiet and melodic to hard and aggressive styles. In 1992 they recorded the EP Capsule Soup and their third album SPEAK!!!. In 1993, their fourth album MIX-ISM leaned more towards ska punk, and in 1994 their fifth album P-A-R-K demonstrated a slower and more melodic style. This was also the first album to be released overseas (in the United States, although almost two years after its Japanese release).
Recorded and produced in the USA, their 1996 album 4 Plugs saw a musical shift towards heavy metal. Although the band retained its style of punk with electronic influences, the music was darker and heavier. Vocalist Kyono also altered his singing style and began rapping in English occasionally. This marked the beginning of the major stylistic change that would be demonstrated on subsequent recordings.
Later that year, the band released a self-titled greatest hits compilation, containing re-recorded songs from their career up to that point. Following its release, guitarist Ai Ishigaki left the band and was replaced by "TORUxxx".

Current members
Hiroshi Kyono – vocals
Takeshi Ueda – bass, programming, backing vocals
Motokatsu Miyagami – drums/percussion
TORUxxx – touring guitar, backing vocals Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.